Today, I got to do a lot of bonding with my 4/5 class. I have taken over 3 & 4 period, which are both level 2, and will keep them for the next two weeks until I pick up 4/5 also, so I haven’t spent much time interacting with 4/5 really. It’s kind of weird, because they were the first class I met when I had my own classes at Meredith in the afternoon, but even though I see them everyday I don’t really do much with them… or have any idea what they are doing. On more than one occasion a student has asked me a question about what they were reading and I had to say, “I’m gonna be honest with you… I haven’t read the story.” Probably a party foul, but right now I’m so focused on trying to keep 60 students engaged in Spanish 2 that I can’t think about much else. Including my social life. So sorry, friends. My life right now is pretty much an episode of “my students say the darndest things”. Usually, very funny things (today: ser & estar were referred to as “Sarah and Esther”. A kid informed me he wanted to beat those girls up), but sometimes I really wish I could turn off Spanish-teacher brain (#shorttermgoal). 

Anyways, back to bonding with the smart kids…. we lost all electricity at around 9:15am this morning. I had snuck into the teacher’s lounge to grade a stack of quizzes bigger than my torso, and all of a sudden it was pitch black. Scary stuff. The power remained off (flickered on for about 2 minutes around 11) until approximately 1:00pm when my students had ordered pizza (really) and drawn caricatures of the entire class on the board. So today administration found out what happens when you have no means of communication with your staff (email, telephone, intercom, etc.): chaos. 

Life attempted to resume back to normal at 1:30pm for 4th block, but most of my students left (don’t blame them) and the ones that were there, were not actually there. Yet another day of completely lost instruction time. Last week there were 30 minute classes on Wednesday (thank you 2 hour delay + early dismissal) and today there was a 5 hour 1st period and no 2nd and 3rd. 

Now I understand why all my teachers hated testing and snow. 
So thanks to whomever is responsible for the brushfire in Knightdale that took out all the electricity to the whole town. I hope you at least made smores.

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