senior sesh: Amirah "Miss Thang" Lane

Meet my friend, Amirah. She is a sassy thang that I have had the pleasure of working with in several capacities in my time here at Meredith… we were on the same staff last year in the residence halls as RAs, we worked at FuHsing together two summers ago, and are always running the same crowds as far as SGA/2010 things go. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is quite a fun person to talk to (and work with). She asked me to take a few pictures for her graduation announcements (you know, like 5), so we got together for about 45 minutes and I took a few (you know, like 175). Here are some of my favorites. Quite possibly the most efficient photo shoot I have ever been apart of. I guess it’s easy when your model is a natural. And wears fun things like cowboy boots with her cap and gown. Oh yeah, cap and gown. That felt a little too real seeing her in that garb. (Sidenote: exactly 2 months from today, ladies.) Enjoy! 

Would you like a fun senior shoot? Let me know. I will more than likely be down. 
I accept money, groceries, gas, and clothes for payment. Also, if you would do my laundry (and fold it and put away), that’d be cool too. You should see my room right now. 

Between teaching, photo shooting (so much fun), and trying to keep my relationships alive, the laundry department has been neglected. A big gracias to my pal Kasey who informed me that you can spray clothes with Downy Wrinkle Release and then put it in the dryer and it unwrinkles them. So amazing. Makes the fact that I have slept with the same three loads of clean laundry for the past week and a half a little better.

I only have 2 more minutes of Kellie time before I have to do work. Ciao!

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