Maggie and Jack: Chivalry isn’t dead.

There is just something really special about brothers and sisters. As the youngest of two girls in my family, the closest I have ever gotten to this type of relationship was with any of my many, many, many boy cousins or Marshall’s brothers… which generally include being farted on in some way, shape, or form and given offensive nicknames. And getting my hair messed up. Why, I will never know, but they always go for the hair. Other than references to and threats of flatulence, there is really something special about that bond. I absolutely loved just watching these two together.

My lovely friend Maggie asked me for some photos, what seemed like ages ago and after sitting down and looking for a date we decided on this Saturday March the 6th, which also happened to be the Saturday of “Little Friends Weekend” at Meredith, where her little (and stinkin’ adorable) baby brother would be visiting her. We thought it would be a sweet, sweet treat to have some pictures of them together and indeed it was. She is a week shy of 22 and Jack is 6 and proud of it. Although there is quite an age difference, their relationship is so sweet.

We played dress-up all afternoon. Maggie is an English major and lover of all things knights and ladies-esque, and somehow managed to get ahold of a fabulous princess dress. Princess dress +  little brother with knight armor = duh. Dress-up. We spent the afternoon reading books in the amphitheater (and dodging goose poop), dressing up, and trying to make Jack make serious faces. All in all, one of my favorite photo ops yet.

Doesn’t Maggie look totally in her element? Girl can pull off so many eras. 
I absolutely love how seriously Jack is taking the knight thing in this one. 
Such a great day. 

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