I break stuff.

My sweet lil’ macbook is back up and running, thanks to a sweet boyfriend and Time Machine. I have all my goods back and can finally resume lesson planning and portfolio at a glancing. Yahoo. I hadn’t really entertained the idea seriously that my stuff was gone for good, but if it had, I can assure you, this girl would have been one upset student teacher and I probably would have just crawled into bed and decided that 7 out of 8 completed semesters ain’t bad.

In addition to doing something terrible to the operating system on my mac, I also (in an attempt and having a cute blogger background) broke my blog. And I did not have my html backed up, or whatevs, so this blah little layout will have to do for now… until I actually have time to do something creative with it. So, maybe something fun and colorful come spring break? I sure hope so. 

…and just because I didn’t take any  pictures in Charlotte this “weekend” (read: 36 hours)…here’s a fun one from a few weeks ago. 
Self-portraits in the mirror just don’t ever get old.

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