I am so behind on foto feb. Maybe next year I’ll hit all 28…who knows. Between full time teaching starting, getting the f-u-n-k (thank you, school germs) and trying to maintain some sort of a social life I haven’t had much ganas to do much of anything that requires using my brain during non-school time. Which sadly means no blogging, no crafties, no reading fun magazines or picture taking.

Despite feeling like poopie, Saturday I loaded up my veins with some (behind the counter) cold meds and played a little bit with some long lost friends, Emily and Lindsay. Emily is a graphic designer and Lindsay is a fellow teacher and both needed profesh lookin’ photos for their website and portfolio, respectively. Emily took me to the wonder that is the art building and we played with the lighting studio and such. Twas quite fun. The best part was our little adventure afterwards which landed us in a random high school parking lot and a giant pile of desks, completely by accident. Being sicky, I probably should have stayed in bed on Saturday, but it was so pretty outside I hated to not enjoy it. After the rain today, so glad I decided to venture out.

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