Today was a great day. I mean a great day. It was the last day of block classes for student teachers at Meredith, so beginning tomorrow I will be full time at my school. Finally! This morning we did a little artsy craftsy love with our Spanish 4 & 5 students. Part of the standard course of study is this whole quien somos, who are we unit and my teacher chose to let the students explore this with paint. You know what this means? REALLY EXCITED STUDENT TEACHER. And fun photo ops. I’m pretty sure posting pictures of students is a ginormous no-no, so here’s some surrounding objects.

This was one of my favorites. That thing in the bottom righthand corner is an Egg McMuffin.
Some shots of Señorita Deaton’s work. That thing in the top right is a polaroid picture. It was mistaken for sushi…”Ms. Deaton, you really like sushi, huh?” Seriously, highschoolers crack me up. I mean, crack me up. All the time.

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