I am a pack rat. I mean, I don’t like to throw away anything. Scrapbooks I have from all my trips abroad and my time at Meredith are like 75% scraps of meaningless paper that I want to keep because it means something. I remember my parents used to comment about my great grandmother Gracie who kept things like I do… they attributed this trait to her having lived during the Great Depression. I have no excuse really. I just like to keep stuff. 

Among the things I keep are name tags. My most impressive collection are ones from Meredith College. My collection begins with my name tag from the High School Leadership Conference I attended as a junior in high school. It goes on to a name tag from scholarship weekend I attended as a high school senior. Then to a name tag from Experience Meredith as a senior. Freshman orientation. Study Abroad orientation. Admission events at the President’s house that read Kellie Deaton: Sophomore. More admission events as a junior, Kellie Deaton: Class of 2010. My place card from Ring Dinner. My latest addition to the collection came today:
My name tag from our student intern/cooperating teacher banquet. As I sat with my teaching supervisor, a ’93 alum who shared some (if not all) of the fondest memories that I do of the Spanish faculty at Meredith, it just really hit me of what May means. Graduation. More on that later… I guess.

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