Considering the week ahead, to be blogging right now can only be defined as irresponsible. However, I had a wonderful weekend and I wanted to blog while it was fresh and before the weight of this week sinks in. M and I don’t really do Valentine’s day (as you may remember from last February), so today was pretty normal. Marshall preached today and we followed that with Which Wich and a Sunday afternoon nap (which was supposed to be homework time. I’m pretty sure he finished a paper. I did not). Saturday was pretty special with some fun surprises and  dinner with my parents (steak!) which was a special treat. My dad has always been the best valentine and gave my mom and I the traditional corsages. Always makes me feel like a little princess. Because princesses wear corsages, you know. All in all it was just another weekend of being completely blessed with way more than I deserve…and Marshall fixing something I broke on my computer. Some fun (and maybe over edited) shots of all the love, love, love. Sometimes I just can’t get over how sweet this life is. 

Full time teaching commences the end of this week. Prayers would be appreciated.

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