A Tribute to the King of Pop

Last night I went to my sweet roommate Amy‘s dance performance here at ole MC (the one Marshall and I designed the press poster for, it was delayed due to the blizzard last week). It was amazing. I laughed. I cried. I laughed. I danced. And during the last song, Amy’s choreographed tribute to MJ, I took pictures. Illegally. Most of them were blurry as I was shooting on M with the display turned off, was sitting pretty far back and couldn’t see what I was doing, but some of them turned out great.The lights and colors were amazing throughout the whole show, I wish I had been able to photograph the rehearsal! I’m definitely coming to do Danceworks this year…no matter how busy I am. Congratulations on a great performance jazz and tap ensemble… you kick ass.

And in honor of the tribute, I got Amy the dvd of her dreams. She might kill me for blogging this picture, but I love it. So proud to be her roommate!

(PS: Blogspot has made some serious awesome changes to publishing options. Way to go.)

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