So I’m a student teacher.

Just a little student teaching update…I know my loyal readers (my mom) are dying to know what the glamourous life of a high school Spanish student teacher is like.
Well, I met my students on Tuesday.
I love them already.
1st period is my combination 4 and 5 honors class. There are about five native speakers (really, what do I have to teach a native speaker of Spanish?) which is so intimidating I could cry. I think I might make a shirt that says ‘gringa’ just to lighten the mood a little. They haven’t been rude at all to me, in fact if I picked favorites (which I tend to do…eventually) they’d be it… but it’s just scary. It’d be like trying to teach science to Einstein. I will elaborate more on that as this whole experience continues, I’m sure. The rest are precious and I love them too. Today was super casual and I let them pick my brain, and I think for the sake of being ‘cool’ and ‘relational’ I spoke way too much English with them, but we had some fun conversations about family, names of cars (a quiet student volunteered that her car’s name was Ruthie), and what type of boys I liked. They’re so fun. We’ll see if I still love them next week.
2nd is planning which is so perfect because it’s class-planning-class-lunch-class. Totally not a coincidence. God knows me and that I need breaks in between things.
3rd & 4th are Spanish II. I love them too. Quite a diverse group of kiddies. Some got A’s in Spanish 1, and some got D’s. This became very evident when on the first day we had them introduce themselves and say their age. Numbers are like truth serum when it comes to Spanish. If you don’t know it, there’s no faking. Nonetheless, they are down for beatboxing and recognize me in the hallway. One even initiated the recognition with an “Hola Ms. Deaton!” and responded when I asked how old she was. Favorite. Student. Right. There.
Basically, if you are reading this, and are a student of mine all you need to know are these three easy steps to being successful in my class:
1. Speak Spanish 2. Make me laugh 3. Don’t be a jerk
Today was great. I made friends with the in-house computer geek. Don’t worry, he gave himself that name AND me internet on my macbook after much difficulty. So basically, I will be giving him, my teacher (she had a long week) and myself some Starbucks love tomorrow morning. It was so nice to meet a nice faculty person who didn’t judge my manners (remind me to tell you about my two run-ins with faculty who thought I was a KHS student. Oh lord.)
And I will leave you with a picture of my fun classroom rules/procedures signs. So cool, I know. Except I dropped the baño, agua and anti-inglés ones behind the marker board. Lame, I know. I’ll make new ones eventually. Happy (Snowy!) Weekend.

3 thoughts on “So I’m a student teacher.

  1. your classroom rules are so cute! also, I wish I had a Spanish teacher like you…I feel like I may have learned something/enjoyed it if that were the case! 🙂

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