Sweet thing #1: This is Lucy. She enjoys long walks (and runs), peanut butter, running in-between people’s legs, chewing on ponytails of unsuspecting house guests, and giving high-fives to her people roommates (no, really). She also enjoys licking her feline counterpart, Ethel, who was not available for a photo. Sweet puppy. She’s like doubled in size since the last time I saw her, but she still thinks she’s a baby. She woke me up this morning with doggy kisses. (Also pictured, my sister’s fun friend Katherine who I haven’t seen since they got married! Such a fun treat!) Lucy is also a big help when it comes to folding laundry. Especially with socks.

Sweet thing #2: My residents. A member of Sunrise Church in Hillsborough has a daughter who is currently serving in Afghanistan and the church sent some care packages over to her camp in December for Christmas. She sent back a sweet thank you note and pictures of everyone enjoying the packages so they decided to send some over for Valentine’s day. The plan is for everyone to bring as many baked goods as they can on Sunday to vacuum seal and send over. I emailed my floor and asked if anyone would be willing to donate some cookies and some sweet residents were quick to respond almost RIGHT after I sent the email. Thanks you guys!
Sweet thing #3: A picture from Donny and Kristen’s engagement shoot last week.

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