week two check-in

Monday has come and gone. It was totally long and short at the same time. My teacher was a bit under the weather so it was me, a substitute, some boring movies and a little Q & A time with Señorita D (that may have included some freestyle rapping). It was so silly, but so fun. I also played a game with them to help with their stem-changing verbos. It involved fly swatters and hitting the vocabulary word. It was a good time. I got to leave early due to the absence of my mentor, which was a sweet treat. I took a nap in preparation for the rest of this week. It’s not that busy, per say, but it’s just a lot of different things that require my brain to be on it’s A-Game. Which normally isn’t a big deal, but I haven’t quite adjusted to getting up at 5:30ish everyday yet. I might need to invest in an espresso machine pretty soon. Or just get up early enough to make coffee.
Here’s a random photo, just because my last post didn’t have one.
PS: Kristen and Donny’s (and my first!) Engagement shoot will be going down this weekend.
I cannot express how excited I am!

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