Teacher Essentials

As I walked into my high school today, swiped my super cool lobby guard pass and headed towards the staircase, I gave myself the usual pep talk I always give myself when approaching stairs in a school I am visiting:
Be cool. Don’t walk too fast. Don’t trip. Watch your feet. Be cool. Don’t fall.
I began giving myself this pep talk the first time I visited a high school as an Education student and I was reminded how much I don’t miss high school at all (and found out later I had something black in my teeth. I now carry a compact).
Right at the key “don’t fall” part of my pep talk I looked up and saw the teacher walking ahead of me trip…..and fall up the stairs. I heard the roar of laughter from the students below, the outburst of mocking comments and I felt the stares from beneath the bills of their illegal baseball caps and as my heart went out to this poor, bald, computer science teacher I could only think one thing:
At least I was spared.
Other than witnessing this wipeout within my first five minutes of being at school (and trying very, very, very hard not to read into it as an omen), the day in itself was pretty anti-climactic. During winter break I spent a few full days at school getting into the routine of the classroom, so it was all pretty familiar. The students know me, have told me I wear cool nail polish, and already referred to me as “Deaton” instead of the agreed upon Miss. The best part of the day? I learned how to use a scantron machine. I had no idea what a wonderful thing that is, until today. Truly amazing. The worst part of the day? It’s cold outside, I lost an earring and my cheetah print snuggie does not fall under the umbrella of “professional dress”.
Even though getting up before the sun, and getting home dangerously close to it’s setting is kind of the worst thing ever, I’m enjoying this week already. There are no lesson plans to be done, no work, no stress, just up early, fun outfits and bonding with my teacher and students. And eating the delicious food that finds its way into the teacher lounge.
And in preparation for this epic time in my life, I got some goods:
Eye shadow (I haven’t used anything other than the slightly sparkly skin colored one yet), dark chocolate, and used my American Express rewards for a $50 Old Navy gift card (which, after today, will undoubtedly buy me some warm clothes).
By the way, this is a really ridiculous, shameless, sappy-love-mushy moment to all of my sweet Meredith friends that wished me good luck. All day yesterday and today everywhere I turned online or on my phone someone was wishing good wishes at me and it was just the sweetest thing ever. Thanks, you guys.

2 thoughts on “Teacher Essentials

  1. this blog post really made me smile. dove dark chocolate makes everything a little easier. also, i'm sure you're going to be a fabulous teacher! 🙂

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