In 2010…

I will brush my teeth every day.
I will try not to rearrange my furniture every month.
I will get a job that will allow me to be financial independent…ish.
I will try to take this whole photography thing as seriously as I possibly can…but not seriously enough to pay tax on it.
I will take pictures at two (two! two! two!) weddings. (One in April and one in December!)
I will be a better steward of my things (ie; Friends dvds, camera accessories, clothes, etc.)
I will stop putting all my clothes in the dryer (this kind of goes along with being a better steward).
I will be grumpy at least 25% less than I was in 2009. (By 2012, I hope to eliminate grumpy altogether).
I will (hopefully) return to Costa Rica as part of the coolest job ever.
I will add a few more veggies to my repertoire of “liked food” (I’m already working on carrots. Got a bag of babies today).
I will graduate (with honors…maybe).
I will survive student teaching!
I will start paying back student loans in November (worst 23rd birthday present ever, already).
I will turn 23, oh my gosh. (THAT IS ALMOST 25!)
I will not impulse buy things at Target. Or Old Navy. Or Trader Joe’s. (starting tomorrow…)
I will learn how to wear make-up like a grown-up.
I will be a more fun roommate, and take out the recycling more often.
I will also load, and unload the dishwasher more.
I will take that bag of stuff to Goodwill which has taken a temporary residence in my trunk.
I will purchase a 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 standard zoom lens for my little rebel. Preferably before wedding number 2.
I will try to make Marshall laugh as much as he makes me laugh.
I will put laundry away promptly after I take it out of the dryer. No, really.
I will spend more fun times with my folks. This might involve getting some banana-grams.
I will blog my thirty-two by thirty-two list.
I will blog a lot.

What will you do?

3 thoughts on “In 2010…

  1. This is going to be a really random comment…on the veggie liking front: roasted carrots are the greatest things ever. Put them in the oven w/a little olive oil on 400 degrees until they are soft and a little brown, then coat them with butter and brown sugar and let it melt. You will die happy, I promise.

    The rest of the list is awesome, I need to get my act together and post mine today, so thanks for the inspiration.

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