This Christmas, I am finding myself on the receiving end of the Christmas spirit. For this I am very grateful. The most recent event that brought this to my attention was my part time gig serving Italian ice at the RBC center. I’ve worked a few nights the past few weeks, and at first, I really hated the job. It brought back all these horrible memories of my former food-service gigs (Chick-Fil-A, Dorothy’s Take-Out and Bakery, The Forest at Duke, and the embarrassingly long list continues…) but this job has seriously blessed my heart. Hockey fans are seriously some fun people to talk to, and often times I find the hours flying by as I have random conversations with random people about the most random things. Today, there was this sweet, sweet little girl at the hockey game with her Dad and as they were about to leave my cart she gave me the biggest grin and said “Merry Christmas”. And a Merry Christmas, it will be, indeed. That, and my license being returned to me after I carelessly dropped it outside of the RBC center (yay facebook and kind strangers), and accidentally giving away too much change and it being returned to me… I’m really thankful to have this job, especially one that I enjoy in the simplest of ways.

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