So, it’s about time that the story of mine and Catie’s friendship appear on this blog. Just a disclaimer, apparently every time I tell this story I tell it differently and a bit more exaggerated. Just keep that in mind.

I met Catie my freshman year at Meredith. She and I were both music majors and lived in Poteat Residence Hall. We first met in our Music Theory 101 course with Dr. Vaglio (who, if you were unlucky enough to get stuck in the elevator with him, wouldn’t let you get off until you correctly identified the key signature of which he provided the number of sharps or flats for. Needless to say it took about two times of being stuck in the Wainwright elevator among other things before I became a Spanish major). The second time I met Catie was after I stole her parking spot.

We do not have assigned parking spots at Meredith, but apparently one day after Catie had left her spot, I parked there. At the time I was driving the volkswagen with a big DEATON license plate on it, so it didn’t take much facebooking (or any, really) for her to realize who the culprit was. After a few days of this stranger harassing me online and hearing from my suitemate that “some girl” came by our room saying that I stole her parking spot, I thought this Catie character was a bit strange.

I’m not sure how much time passed before I realized that she was actually JOKING and then we became friends. And I renamed her, Cathryn Kelly Bust-A-Cap Hitzigrath. To this day she is still referred to as Bust-A-Cap most of the time. This was during the period where creating facebook groups for everything was cool, and there was a group made: “I stole Catie Hitzigrath’s Parking Spot”. A few joined, but what will remain in infamy was the ‘recent news’ section: Kellie Deaton steals the last parking spot by Poteat and Catie Busts-A-Cap. And a beautiful friendship was formed, and many, many hilarious and wonderful adventures to follow. From creeping in the Poteat Attic to climbing the tree in front of Johnson Hall (or exploring the tunnels under the quad dorms or dropping cell phones in drains in the front circle and retrieving them at odd hours of the night) we have done it and it has been quite fun.

So, the moral of this post? Bust-A-Cap remained a music major (while the majority of our WONDERFUL theory 101 class changed or transferred) and had her senior voice recital Saturday night. She was wonderful and looked stunning. As bittersweet as this whole “being a senior” thing is, this was definitely one of the sweeter moments. Congratulations Catie! I love you!

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