Neighbor to Neighbor

This semester I had the opportunity to work with the Neighbor to Neighbor Latino Outreach Ministry in Raleigh. It has been such a blast. I worked part of the semester with a sweet, sweet girl who is part of a refugee family from Burma (and not latino), and then for the past month or so I’ve been working with a sweet boy from the Dominican. Tonight we had our CHRISTMAS party (I kept calling it a holiday party and then I realized “Hey, this is a ministry..I can say Merry Christmas all night!”) to celebrate the end of the semester. The kids and mentors had a great time. We played games and enjoyed pizza and decorated Christmas cookies. It was such a fun way to end a great semester, but like the semester, it went by way too fast! I am so sad that next semester I won’t be able to mentor during the week because of student teaching, but I’m hoping to maybe help with some adult English courses on the weekends or with the middle school younglife latino group. Jesus has been so good to me this semester. I have learned so much from working with these kids!

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