Kevin, Sarah, Cole, Adison & Bou

Meet the the most fun people in the world to babysit for, talk to, house sit for, etc. etc. etc. So when my sister was in college she had a fun family that she babysat for pretty regularly and I thought that was the most fun thing ever (and those kids were really cute). So when I started at Meredith I was looking for some babysitting jobs and got an email from my former bible study leader and TA DA I met Sarah. Cole was 2 and Adison wasn’t born yet (feel old…ready and go. Cole started Kindergarten this year). I am so lucky to be able to babysit for them for the past 3 years… it has been so fun seeing these kiddies grow up. They have the most hilarious personalities, are as sweet as can be… and not to mention love to sit still for millions of pictures when I bring my camera over… most of the time 🙂 Thanks for being great, you guys!

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