Re-Cap of the best November 4th Ever

Yesterday was my twenty second birthday.

It hasn’t really sunk in yet. But it was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

My sweet friends planned a surprise middle of the night birthday party for me and made my favorites: blueberry tart and meatballs (both courtesy of Amy Damone). Needless to say, the “eating healthy diet” went out the window this week. And I woke up to the most precious display of cupcakes ever in the shape of a 22 courtesy of my sweet roommates. Sweet, but also not conducive to the “diet”. And to contribute to my already spectacular birthday, it is Cornhuskin’ week so yesterday was can-art and 2010 ROCKED IT OUT and the sweet juniors sang happy birthday to me. So many sweet things I couldn’t even have asked for for my birthday.
Yesterday was also my last day at Barwell Elementary volunteering. This is good because now I don’t have to drive out there twice a week (it is FAR!) and fun because those first graders seriously make me want to teach elementary school. They are a hoot and just as sweet as they can be. I’m sure they are a pain to teach, but they are quite fun to be silly with. I was able to bring them some candy and books for them to take home (by the way, the dollar store has awesome children’s books for ONE DOLLAR). It was such a blast. The teacher told them to say thank you and without even conferring with each other they all said “GRACIAS MS. KELLIE”. Yeah I almost cried right then, but I waited until I got in my car. This is the bittersweet part, I am going to miss those sweet faces. If only those kids knew how much they have blessed my heart this semester.
Nonetheless, I am officially a year older and despite my methods teacher’s birthday encouragement (“Wow, Kellie. You know that 22 is the beginning of the downhill spiral right?”) I have high hopes for this year in my life. So much is on it’s way, by the 23rd birthday I’ll have a big girl job (right, God?).
A huge thanks to everyone that made yesterday so special, I am so blessed to have you as friends!

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