My sweet bff Meghan dressed up as Sue Sylvester from Glee.
If you don’t watch that show, you really should.

Edward & Buffy.

Edward got a little close….
Adios October! Last night I celebrated Halloween for the first time in college. I figured since it was senior year it was about time I see what normal college kids do for this holiday..and it was a Saturday night, NOT during Cornhuskin’ so I had no excuses. Marshall and I dressed up, he as Edward Cullen (or “that Twilight guy” as he calls him… he’s never seen the movie, just pictures) and I as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and visited with some friends then headed to Hillsborough Street to people watch. There are definitely some creative people in this city.
October came and is now gone. Now it is the first week in November and that means it is Cornhuskin’ time here at Meredith College. This year I didn’t have the brain capacity to participate in skit, which is sad, but also good for my mental health. It meant just a tiny bit more sleep and more time to spend on homework… which is ultimately why we go to college right? That’s what I keep telling myself. Nonetheless, the week is here, which means fun t-shirts, pictures and late nights, hall raids, can art, bonfires and serenades… which is ultimately why I go to Meredith College. You won’t find this kind of fun insanity anywhere else. I was able to spend a few hours helping build our props (which are incredible) and a lot of time doing crafty spirit things for our class. If you’re looking for something fun and random to do, come visit our campus on Friday afternoon for the parade at 3:30 and then class competition at 6. There is apple bobbin’ and corn shuckin’ and good family-friendly entertainment all night.
It truly is a unique experience that everyone should see at least once!
Happy November, I hope it goes by a lot slower than August, September and October.
November? Really?

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