There’s just something to be said for living in a small community like Meredith. You make friends. Good ones. For example, I visit the copy center at least once (sometimes twice) Monday – Thursday. So, I made friends with Kevin who runs the place.

1. He’s just really friendly.
2. He wants an iPhone so I bestowed some knowledge.
3. He has good candy (and like, every flavor of Dum Dum they make).
4. He gives me special candy. Like, there’s a candy jar on the counter with the Dum Dums, but he has a secret stash behind the counter, with these Starburst Gusher things and Riesens. I guess he saves those for his favorite student workers, I don’ know.
Today I did my usual trip to the copy center and Kevin wasn’t there. I was a little disappointed because it’s always fun to have friends outside of the office you work in, but I didn’t really think anything about it. I saw him as I was walking back to Martin and he was like, “hey! do you want a cookie?!?” and gave me a cookie. Totally random, but completely redeemed my day.
I’ve had several requests for a RWMGOGMPAG so here it is:
A reason why Meredith girls often get married promptly after graduating:
because they found someone like Kevin– who gives them cookies when they have bad days.
And maybe some special candy.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Kevin is my favorite! I don't like it when the woman is there, even though she's nice…it's just not the same. I also really love it when he has Riesens. 🙂 It makes going to the copy center completely worth it!

  2. Kellie…your blog posts always make me smile. Also, you should know that I tried decoding what RWMGOGMPAG meant before reading the post…I was really struggling with what that could possibly mean.

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