Last night we discovered that we can see the fair fireworks from our living room–
which totally redeems the annoying BOOMS that make me think we are under attack every night around 10pm. Sitting on our couch is kinda like being at the fair, except it’s warm, you don’t get fat from eating fried candy bars and it’s free. So I guess you could say it’s better than the fair. I might just be saying that because I can’t afford to go to the fair.
Life is good. And ridiculously busy. But I have had three requests for family photoshoots that I am EXTREMELY excited about. And my birthday is in like 2 and a half weeks which is completely insane. All I can think of that I want is an iTunes giftcard so I can buy the Glee soundtrack. Oh, and a personal assistant to remind me of all the things I forget to write down. And the things that I write down, but forget where I write them down. Yeah, it’s that time of year. But it’s good. Life is good. And I’m almost 22. Oh wow.

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