fun faces of fall break

I didn’t have to go very far for this cute face.
These guys however…were a little bit further away in Mount Airy, NC.
I really wanted to go to the mountains and stumbled upon some info about this place on the Blue Ridge Parkway website. It seemed kinda mountainy (hence the mount) but it was the Andy Griffith glorification that really caught my eye. We discovered when we got there that somehow we happened to plan our trip for the same day as their annual Autumns Leaves festival (this was the 43rd) so the place was PACKED. We had to pay to park and we didn’t get to see the Andy Griffith museum, sadly. We did see a lot of fun things though and experienced just a wee bit of culture shock. We definitely felt like city folk when after asking for a restroom and being directed to outhouses, we pulled out our iPhones to tweet about it. More autumnous pictures to come later…and cute kid pictures up on the gallery very, very soon!
(And a headshot shoot of Kiran!)
So fall break is pretty much over which means that Monday returns the hustle and bustle of senior life + October which means Cornhuskin’ craziness. Which means that I am wrapping up this blog entry and finishing this weeks homework. Ciaaaaaaaaao.

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