I feel like I haven’t blogged with words in forever.

Technically, it’s been two days.
So since the last time I actually wrote about my life (like August), a lot has changed.
I am two months into senior year (and it is going by at an alarming speed), I have completed my actual job résumé, celebrated like 4 sweet friend’s birthdays, sold the volkswagen, acquired a car payment on a fun late-nineties Honda Accord, applied for and received a generous grant that will be replacing a good amount of my loans for this year, promised the Federal government that I will teach in a low income school for at least four years, received my placement for student teaching (high school!), and discovered that after all, I don’t want to teach elementary school Spanish (which makes the high school student teaching placement all the more exciting). I do have a pretty good feeling about pursuing a Master’s in ESL eventually but all I can really think about at this point is how exciting it is to be on my own soon. I’m prepared to be broke and hungry, but I am so excited to get some real life experience.
Cornhuskin’ is in full swing, as always for this time of year. It seems like yesterday how we were talking about how we had soooo much time to prepare, but low and behold it is a month away. It is my favorite tradition at Meredith, but I am not ready for it to be here already. It will be gone too quickly! Mark your calendars Raleigh people, on November 6, 2009 the Meredith College Amphitheater is the place to be.
So, senior year, if you’re listening….slow down, please.
I am loving all the things you are bringing (except for this sore throat, stuffy nose and congestion that is making getting up at 7am quite difficult), so just slow down.

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