well, hey, ingrid michaelson.

So I think I forgot I was short until last night when I was wearing cute fall flats at Cat’s Cradle and I was behind a very tall couple. I am currently thinking about investing a pair of thick soled cute fall shoes so that next time I go see Ingrid Michaelson, I can actually see her. These pictures are from when I would hold the camera above my head and jump for a brief moment.

And by the way, she was the greatest concert I have ever been to. I loved it.
In high school I frequented the Carrboro area and standing room only shows and had a blast…. but I must say since this whole aging process has happened, standing for four hours straight on a concrete floor takes its toll. In between all the wonderful things we had to say about Ingrid on the way home there was lots of grunts and ows and comments about sore muscles. Yay the twenty-somethings.
And also, in addition to thick-soled shoes…I need a zoom lens.

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