I’m gonna sell my car and go to Vegas.

I’m not totally sure what happened, but this time yesterday I could have sworn that I was so far over my head in homework and assignments that I’d never be free… but it’s 2 o’clock on Monday afternoon and I’m actually caught up and ever so slightly ahead. While I wait for dinner to bake before I go into work, I’ll share some sweet deliciousness from the birthday front.
Miss Kasey Ginsberg was among the first of our friends to turn 22. She wears it well.
This friend of mine is shamelessly political and could be caught talking about the scandalous resignation of Ty Harrell at her vegas themed birthday party last night. Scandal aside, I’m so glad I got to celebrate with her and I hope we can manage a comparable theme party come November to celebrate my entrance to the official twenty-somethings. Those girls are so fun.
Her roommate Amy Damone, SGA President and hostess with the mostest made a Vegas playlist and this cake:
The gift from 1209 to the birthday lady.
Big Mo made another surprise birthday visit.
This time with a dollar sign chain instead of luau get up.
party snacks I made, which are still serving me well.
“You just found out they are building an H&M at Crabtree.”
Emily (left): What is H&M?
Clearly Kiran, and Catie know.

Fun friends.
Sadly, the birthday girl somehow got covered in the back during all the picture hilarity.
We love you Kasey! Let’s have a re-do next year for the big 2-3!

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