Sometimes I feel like my relationship with the Maps app on my iPhone is pretty representative of my relationship with God’s plan.

I consult it immediately when I’m not totally sure where I’m going. Within the first two steps of directions, I’m almost positive I know where they’re going and I don’t feel like I need to look at it any further. So, I turn on music I like and sing a little bit and my mind wanders and before I know it I’ve missed a turn.
Fun times when you try predict the plan of the Creator.
I’m learning to listen a little more carefully.
This lovely slice of God’s plan that I’ve chosen to share with you this evening are my teacher shoes. I used them for the first time today in an elementary school where I spoke lots of Spanish and fell in love with an entire first grade class. Especially this beautiful little boy whose introduction to me consisted of a giant hug and a simple question:
“Do you like my eyelashes?”
See, when I bought those shoes, I thought I was buying them for Salsa night.

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