There is some trouble with senior year.

With any given experience, there is this initial rush of excitement and enjoyment that makes you feel amazing and wonderful (and senior-like)…and then it is immediately followed with the tiniest twinge of sadness with the realization of “this is my last _______ experience at Meredith”.
I love fall. I mean, like, I love fall. You won’t catch me loving winter, on account of the homework, common colds, chapped lips, lack of warmth, closed toed shoes and staticky hair. Or summer. I do love summer, but not an italicized love, more of a “yay, I don’t have homework and I can sleep in a little bit and not be cold when I go outside” love. Spring is okay, I’ll admit feeling a little enamored after a long cold winter, and I can finally wear rainbows. But with spring comes allergies (hello, ragweed and pollen) and confusing weather which either makes you freezing cold as you walk to class in flip flops in the morning, or burning up by 2pm and your long sleeves should be replaced with a tank top. But fall, fall is perfect.
It is the beginning of a new school year and a breath of fresh air after a humid July in North Carolina. It’s fall. It’s bittersweet.
I think the hardest thing about this point in my life, is getting to the point where my life no longer revolves around school. It will no longer be defined by semester or school years, a beginning will be January and the end will be December. May will not be associated with exams, but may flowers. What on earth is that like? Since the beginning of time (time: realization that I was a person) fall meant back-to-school shopping with mom, first football games of the year and the promise of the North Carolina State fair.
What will fall of next year look like?
The things that I love about this time of year are (and are not limited to):
  • the wearing of pashminas
  • hoodies and other long-sleeved articles of clothing
  • leaves changing colors
  • the smell of autumn (and the things it reminds you of)
  • Cornhuskin’ scheming (and memories of the previous years)
  • caramel apple spices – these used to be only for fall, but I managed to drink them all year
  • being outside
  • planning a trip to the mountains (haven’t been yet, I’m going this year even if I’m alone)
  • driving with the windows down
  • the light in the late afternoon
  • how excited everyone gets about football (I really don’t understand)
  • school supplies
  • fall colors
  • the Real Simple magazines (the fall issues are the best)
Happy September. Hope it’s the best ever.

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  1. you and i had the same realization at almost the exact same time…my life (and calendar) has revolved around school for all but 7 years! and i love fall, too! by far the best light of the year. have you enjoyed the cool mornings this week??

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