Remember this? My accident pronage in threes?
It’s happening again. Number 1 happened when I was making a cake for my dad for his birthday. I was chopping the baker’s chocolate and got a little too close to my fingernail and lost a bit of it. Not on the tip, unfortunately.
Number 2 happened today. I was giving the Kenyan Ambassador a tour of campus (that was very cool, by the way, he speaks Spanish) and the cute flats I had picked out (to be more dressy than flipflops) killed my feet. I only wore them for that hour and then in between classes and I ended up with this:
a blister the size of my toe.
Is it gross that I am posting this?
I find the sheer mass of it to be amazing.
The only good thing I see at this point, is that this giant gaping hole in my pinky toe is a big deterrent on spending money on a pedicure. I’ve really wanted a pedicure for a while, but it will be a while before I let anyone touch that toe again. Yowza.

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