happy happy joy joy

Senior year is awesome. I think I’ve gotten past the initial shock of being a senior (which has led me to tears on more than one occasion in the past month), to the point where I just really freaking enjoy it. I have a lot of chill time, which is new, and great. I am so glad I opted out of photo 1/any other class that would put me over 13 credit hours. I feel like my extracurriculars are greater than or equal to those of the past, but 5 less credit hours certainly makes a difference. I am prepared to be stressed out though, come September + October + until November 6 (aka Cornhuskin 2009. If you know me, love me, or simply stalk me, you will be there).

This weekend was my Dad’s 54th birthday. I went home Saturday evening for dinner and bonding. It was a great time, I got to hang out with some of his BFFs and then we went to hear some more BFFs play some music. Their band name is the Phabulous Phunk Phamily…or something to that effect.

The Birthday Boy

Singing Ladies

Dad and his friends. Those bunny ears belong to Aunt Nancy (my sister’s, husband’s mom)

The wireless network made me laugh.

Yay joy.
And this is labeled adventures in cooking because I made him a Splenda cake.
He said it was yummy, but I’m not so sure…

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