Hello, again…

I was 19 the first time I heard that someone thought I was flaky.

I was appalled. I, the student body president of my high school and master of scheduling and being on-time to places while somehow managing to make excellent grades, FLAKY?
It was a few months later that I took the Myers-Briggs personality test and found that I was an ENFP that I realized that my constant excitement and drive to experience everything (at the same time, usually) definitely made it look like I have issues committing…thus: flaky. However, when it comes to things that matter (class, work, relationships etc.) I am quite consistent and dependable (no really, ask anyone who has worked with me. I sometimes surprise people with my organizational capabilities and somewhat OCD tendencies), but when it comes to to things that are creative… well, I change my mind like the wind.
Example A: My blog.
Usually, my creativeness doesn’t really affect anyone. The crafts I like, the pictures I take, my little quirks and spouts of painting and the blog I write are usually mine. The issue that I have come across recently is there are quite a number of you that actually read this creative outlet of mine. And are thus, witnessing the “flaky”. Here, I am begging you for forgiveness for again changing my blog address, but you must see that this change is not merely an effect of Hurricane Bill, but it is actually a stumbling block in my creativity.
I like to take pictures. Blogspot, as much as I enjoy the user-friendliness, simply does not meet my picture need. Sometimes there are images that are so beautiful on my 14″ Macbook (14″ right?) screen but the little “large” image option simply does not do it justice. So, I solved this by creating my web.me blog where I can make images as big as I want. However, my web.me blog is so very fancy, that I feel that my little silly posts aren’t worthy enough of opening up iWeb and adding an entry. I feel like if you’re going to go to this fancy site and click “blog” you’re going to want to see something fantastic…not just what it felt like to go to school today. So, I’ve come to a compromise with…myself.
Blogspot will continue to be my go-to blog for everyday Kellie things, but if I am given the opportunity to do fancy amateur photography things they will go on my web.me blog.
I apologize for any future inconveniences of bookmark changing, and I hope that this inability of me to get my creative self in order does not deter you from reading my senior year adventures. There have been so many so far, and countless to come. If you want you can do 2 bookmarks: Kellie Blog. Kellie Photo Blog. I feel like that’s what normal blogging people with photography hobbies do?
And this year during residence life training, I took a leadership style quiz with colors and I was blue and orange. “Common Misconceptions” of these two colors were flakiness. So, boo on you people who assume that people with ever changing interests and that can’t pick favorite movies or blog layouts are flaky. In my case, honest to blog, I just really want to experience everything. All the time. At the same time. Not because of any motives or career goals…just because that’s the way my brain was made.
So thank you people who have stuck with me through all the layout changes and URL changes.
You, you are why I blog. Actually, not at all, I blog because I like to write and to take pictures and to share the love. But it’s nice to have recipients.
Peace. Love. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. (flakes. get it?)

My friend Catie with a cardboard cut out of the President of our college in a super hero outfit and luau get-up. Now do you see why I don’t want to graduate ever?

4 thoughts on “Hello, again…

  1. honored that Super Mo and I made an appearance on your fancy blog 🙂 Have i mentioned lately how much I love you?

    And don't worry, it's beginning to look like we'll have “a [Mo] for all seasons, and a [Mo] for all time” bc i think she's gonna be the class of 2010's new paper doll haha…we'll have to put her in a corn costume pretty soon 😉

    thanks christina aguilera, for your awesome 90's song lyrics..

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