100% off

Yesterday was Move-In day at The Oaks. It was a lot of fun, but boy was it long. The artwork that I usually hang on my walls was distributed through our apartment and a giant hole above my bed was begging for a new painting so I looked up A.C. Moore coupons, found this gem and headed over there! To my surprise 18 x 24 canvases were on sale in a 2-pack for $6.99 and I used my coupon on the smaller one bringing my grand total to something around $11 for three canvases. That is a steal at A.C. Moore. Literally.

Allison, the girl who was working the register was super sweet and told me about their new Rewards program (get a card!) where you swipe every time you go and get 1 point for each $1 you spend, and eventually you’ll get a gift card. She then told me about a teacher discount card I can apply for once I graduate and I’ll always get a certain percentage off any purchase. Y-a-y. After all her suggestive selling, she asked if I wanted my purchases in a bag and I declined and wished her a good day, and she did the same and I left. It wasn’t until I got to Target that I began wondering if I used cash or a card to pay…and then when I couldn’t remember I realized that I had no receipt and I had walked out of the store without paying! I called them once I left Target and arranged to come back and pay, and when I did I found out that it had been Allison’s first day on a register by herself. Poor girl. I probably made her want to quit her job.
Moral of the story: use coupons. And when you use them, pay.

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