a lil’ apartment love

I’ve only taken 3 pictures so far..it’s been a long day.
A major thanks to my padre, my madre, my Marshall for helping me move all my junk in and Rachel McElwain for banging strawberry jam, pickles and champagne glasses. I am greatly looking forward to my toast tomorrow morning a la strawberry….
So far, I love this little apartment.
However, it will be better once all my roomies and friends are here on Saturday!
I still have some clothes to put away and once my pals get here we’ll organize the kitchen, but overall its shaping up to be a cute little place. I went grocery shopping tonight… those things are expensive! I got the essentials (or what seemed like essential at the time)…it shall be interesting to see how I survive without BDH’s help. Oh Belk Dining Hall, I may miss you after all….
Happy Thursday!

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