Last week sometime I decided to make a list:
“Things I’d like to do before I turn 32 [but if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay too] ”
The thing is, I have to make lists, or else I’ll forget. Like when I go to the grocery store with three things to buy, I will most definitely always forget one of the things I need and come out with five things that I didn’t need. Unless, I make a list.
On this list are various items, but number one was “to live in the same place as my sister”.
Well guess what? That one is coming true before I even turn 22! Yesterday I found out that she and Dan will be moving to Charlotte as of NEXT MONTH. Do you know what this means? Craft parties, all the time. And she’ll be here for my birthday. And Cornhuskin’. And Thanksgiving. And all other familial things that you might like your big sister and brother in law to be at (like college graduations…). So I’m pretty much the most excited person in the world. I found this out after scoring a pair of Banana Republic pants for $19.99 (originally: 98) so I was already pretty excited, but this sent me over the top. Yesterday was just the best day ever.
Next thing to focus on for the list: a new camera lens.
I’m looking at some macro-zoom action, but I think I’m gonna talk to the people at Peace Camera and see what they recommend. It will be a while, because after taking care of all my credit cards post-Costa Rica I think I just want to buy things with money I have, from now on.

2 thoughts on “32

  1. that is so exciting about your sister! i love having mine so close by, although i do not take advantage of it enough. good luck with the packing! see you wednesday maybe? what's your apartment number? and can i ask you for some photography lessons please?? seriously.

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