Since May 11, I have slept in like 20 different beds. I’m ready to sleep in the same one for the next 12 months.

Today was the last day of FuHsing and they leave tomorrow. iPhone awards were a huge hit…but unfortunately sent all the youngins into sobbing fits for like an hour. They’re sleeping now, but hopefully tomorrow will be tear free on the way to the airport. You know you’re a good counselor when your middle school boys tell you in between sobs that they never want to leave you, right?

I just noticed that one of those middle schoolers squashed a peanut butter m&m on my floor.

This has been such a great experience. My kids were a hoot, and I am SO thankful that I had the opportunity to get to know them. Today during our farewell luncheon, they plotted to say “gracias” instead of “thankyou” when they got their certificates. I loved it and they loved that I loved it. I can’t wait to be a teacher. Or a mom? Sometimes the line between the two was a little unclear at times…

Today they were all dressed up for their farewell lunch, and I took them outside individually and took “stud” pictures. Then I made them take a million jumping pictures. I never could have done that with my group last year, I think I maybe got 1 group picture the whole time. I have SO many of these guys and they are hilarious… they were always up for a themed photoshoot.

So I’m crashing. I think my body is starting to realize that it has been going, going, going for like three months and is ready for a break. Good thing I have like 6 days before I move into my apartment… to sleep. Student loans are finally taken care of (thanks mom and dad….no thanks to you, President Obama) so pretty much all I have to do before I move in is pack. Today as I packed up my room in Brewer, I came face-to-face with a weird dilemma. Costa Rica really inspired me to live simply, with the things I need and nothing more. It also inspired me to re-use things instead of buying new things. So here I am wanting to throw away everything as to only have the things I need, but then I don’t want to throw anything away for fear I will need it and will have to buy it when I want to reuse it. This is such a random post. My brain is mush.
Here’s a random set of photos.

Lovely gerber daisy decorations at our farewell lunch and the beginnings of iPhone awards.
The boys immediately pointed out that they lacked the circle button at the bottom. I figured they’d point out that they weren’t real iPhones, but whatever.

God, thank you for letting me be around cool people, like all the time. It’s pretty great.

2 thoughts on “Crash…..

  1. I went through the “live simply” phase every time I came back from study abroad, but I've always been a “save for later, reuse everything” kind of person. So I've started saving things for a few months before giving them away if I haven't either used it or made a concrete plan.
    Hope you get some sleep!

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