Today we took a glorious trip to the Farmer’s (nope, not that f-word) Market. I do not have any conscious memories of going there before today, except for seafood and breakfast one time. I feel like I probably went as a young child and screeched with boredom so my parents probably never took me back. Sorry mom, if I squashed your dreams of buying local produce. However, today I loved it. Spending time in Costa Rica really made me want to buy local produce and it was cool to see how easy it is to do just that here in Raleigh. Hopefully (money and convenience willing) I’ll be able to frequent the market.
And if anyone was wondering, the bananas they sell there are from Guatemala.

While I waited for my boys to explore, I grabbed a Skirt! magazine to read. Meghan always has them and I love the graphics on the front always, but I had never taken the time to read one until today! There was this awesome article about feminism (actually the whole issue was) and going to a women’s college. Ha HA! The writer, Kristin Hall of Agnes Scott College in Atlanta shared some completely hilarious thoughts about common misconceptions about going to an all-girl’s school…err….women’s college. Personally, I wasn’t really attracted to the feminist piece of the articles, but her commentary was freaking hilarious. Enjoy.

“…But here’s the thing… at a women’s college, I suddenly found myself surrounded by strong, intelligent females who could easiely conquer the world but still made time for weekly gatherings to watch old Disney movies. I discussed matters of great importance with them during class. I ate lunch with them every day. I went out on the town with them at night. And amazingly enough, we never sat around plotting the violent demise of the patriarchy. We actually rather liked men. “

You should check out the rest of the article… it’s hilarious. I’m sure my fellow Meredith gals will get a kick out of it. She has some great points about bra-burnings:

“I didn’t burn any bras during my time at Agnes Scott, nor did anyone else–
bras are expensive for one thing, and an Atlanta city ordinance restrics open fires.”

I think with all the trouble we go through for a Big Sis/Lil Sis bonfire, a bra-burning would be pretty unlikely. Well, now we have the new fire pit that doesn’t require a permit…hmmm…

Anywho, the f-word was feminism.
Happy almost Monday.

2 thoughts on “F-Word

  1. Let us frequent the Farmers Market together. And often. I am so down for that.

    We can make delicious dishes with our fabulous, fresh food from the farmer's market.

    Today, I am a fan of alliteration.

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