Birthday Weeks

Easter Sunday was a blast, my parents came to Marshall’s church and then we went to a family from the church’s house for Easter lunch. It was so fun to just hang out with cool people all day. After lunch we hung out at my parents house for a little bit and M got acquainted with my dad’s Harley. He seemed pretty pumped about bringing the Red Power Ranger helmet back into his life.

Remember when Easter Monday used to be a holiday? So does Meredith College, because it still is for us! Today was amazing. I slept til 11, watched Friends and napped on and off until I finally got dressed for dinner at 5:30 with the padres.
Marshall has been 21 for exactly one week. In my house we always celebrated birthday weeks (“But it’s my biiiirrrrthhhhdaaayyy” was a very effective phrase in my house when I was growing up…and dad let us use it pretty much the entire month) so tonight my parents took him out for an end-of-the-birthday-week dinner at Red Robin.
The most amazingly huge Coke float I have ever seen in my life.

So when we went to Charlotte last weekend, we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant that had an awesome mariachi band. We were going to get them to come sing to Marshall (they had instruments and everything) but he looked me dead in the eye and said “if they come over here to sing to me, I will get up and leave.” I didn’t want to risk this not being a bluff so I decided not to push it. My parents, however, did not get the memo about being sung to in restaurants and got the Red Robin people to come sing Happy Birthday to him. This picture is terribly unfocused, but you can see that Marshall was a tad bit suspicious of who tipped the waiters off.

They brought him this yummy ice cream and sprinkles.
Happy completed week of being 21!

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