my ransom

I randomly decided to go home today.
It was pretty outside and I had my camera.
My parents are cute.

…and then we tried to get some family-esque ones with the bush. Didn’t turn out so great. It was pretty hilarious though…

(^ CHACOS. and also, $6 dress from Target. SCORE x a million)
Happiest Easter.

behold the man upon the cross, my sin upon his shoulders
ashamed i hear my mocking voice call out among the scoffers
it was my sin that held him there until it was accomplished
his dying breath has brought me life, I know that it is finished

i will not boast in anything, no gifts, no power, no wisdom
but i will boast in Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection
why should i gain from his reward? i cannot give an answer,
but this i know with all my heart:
his wounds have paid my ransom

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