On account of the fact that Friday and Saturday were awesome, I have a ton of homework to do tomorrow/today afternoon (Sunday). Thus, I am doing everything fun now so tomorrow I can give my undivided attention to my papers that need to be written and things that need to be learned for tests. Oh joy.

Yesterday after study abroad orientation part 285937589278 Marshall and I drove to Charlotte to stay with my friends Jamie and Katie for the night and to hit up Ikea on Saturday. It was so much fun. Jamie and Katie and I were pals all through high school and Jamie’s brother married my sister (way convenient, huh?) and we have fun. Friday night we didn’t get there until close to 9pm (darn that study abroad orientation) but in true Spanish fashion (Jamie studied in Barcelona last semester) we had a late dinner at a Mexican Restaurant called Azteca. It was deliciosa and they had a live mariachi band which was really fun. We almost got them to sing for Marshall since his birthday is on Monday…but we ended up leaving too soon.

We got up kinda eary on Saturday to be at Ikea at 10am when they opened. We stopped at Bojangles first which was delicious (Jamie introduced me to a chicken biscuit with egg and cheese. Strange, but goood.) and then onward we went to Ikea! I think this is one of the few times that I actually agree with all the hype. Twilight and Jonas Brothers…I don’t really get what the big deal is, but with Ikea, I see the reason for the hype. It’s awesome. And REASONABLY priced.

Honestly, some of the furniture and display rooms were a little too seventies for my liking (orange couch? no thanks) but for the most part, I was in L-O-V-E. Due to the fact that I currently do not have a dwelling of my own where I live for more than a few months at a time, I did not purchase much. I got a desk lamp ($3.99), two placemats ($.99 each), two handle-less mugs ($1.99 each) and sweated over about a million other things. Also, the “as-is” room is my new favorite place. It’s like the dollar spot, but better. I almost got a $9 coffee table but I just really don’t have anywhere to put it… I can’t wait to furnish my own place. Seriously, it will be enjoyable.

Also, on the way home Marshall and I hit up the Bass Pro Shop in Charlotte (another ‘first’ for the weekend) and got myself a sweet backpack for Costa Rica! It’s green (the other choice was black) and huge, and someday you will see a picture. It’s the external metal frame and I am excited that it won’t kill my back like my one in España did. It was just over $100…and according to all the online shopping I’ve been doing, that is good.

We hit up a few more stores on the way home, and stopped at REI at North Hills so I could try on some Chacos. I’ve been talking about getting some for like a year now, and I finally ordered them. They’ll be here in approximately 4 business days so I will certainly blog some photos of those getting worn in. They’re blue. Like everything else I own.

Now I’m back and I don’t want to go to school this week. Only four more weeks, my friends. Cuatro. This summer will be phenomenal, as will senior year. Rest of my life, ready….and… go.

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