Curse of the Black Onyx

I used to make jokes about going to Meredith College hell (like such a place exists..)because I wore my ring before ring dinner. But now, more than ever, I believe I have been cursed for my poor decision making.
This disgustingly itchy, red, and icky rash always appears on my right ring finger if I wear my Meredith ring for more than a few hours. However, I can wear it for days on my left hand with no repercussions. Thus, my conclusion: a curse has been placed on my right hand.
So, currently I still wear it on my right hand until it gets so unbearable that I have to move it over to my left hand…and in the meantime I sport a classy Dora the Explorer band-aid to heal it. I’m not sure how long the curse will last…I think if it doesn’t clear up within a year or so I’ll get my ring re-sized for another finger. Heed this warning ’11, ’12 and ’13 and pass it along to your posterity: Don’t wear your ring before ring dinner. Or else.

4 thoughts on “Curse of the Black Onyx

  1. awww kellie. that’s so sad. but yet yay for fun bandaids! warning: a friend [who happened to get a red rash] of mine wore hers for too long one time and ended up having to get it cut off. so wear with caution! *however, she did get hers redipped in another coating of some sort and can wear it now with no problem.

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