Day 2!

This morning started off with a little two hour delay and was delicious. That extra hour of sleep was the sleep equivalent of a piece of cheesecake. Finally we braved the snow covered streets to the Capitol and literally hiked up Capitol Hill in what felt like an Alaskin snowstorm. We got to the new visitor’s center for the Capitol which is SO much cooler than the line I stood in this summer outside that wove in and out of the building. I highly recommend it. Due to the delay, we sadly weren’t able to visit Nancy Pelosi’s office and see the view of the mall. Instead, we went to lunch at Union Station and just wandered around and fell in love with various things we did not purchase (My chicken wrap was 10.33…I definitely can’t afford clothes in DC). We then took the metro back to Foggy Bottom and took a few fun pics and just hung out in the hotel all afternoon to regroup. In just a few minutes we’re heading to 51st Tavern for dinner with some local Alumnae. It should be fun to see what people are up to…graduation is only a year out. It doesn’t really seem real. Tomorrow we’re going to Arlington in the morning and then hitting up the Holocaust Museum and (hopefully) Ford’s Theatre and the Peterson House. And yes Kiran, I know who LINCOLN is. Thank you very much. 🙂

Here’s some of my favorite pics of today’s fun:

Union Station

New Hampshire Street
Amy making a snow angel in front of the Capitol. Perfect.

This is seriously blurry but these girls are so fun.

más tomorrow!

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