February Third

So, I’m taking a break from foto february to talk about what a glorious day this was.
Plus I didn’t really get any good pictures today on account of it being a busy Tuesday.

1. The new fray cd was released and it is just amazing as I thought it would be. Actually, moreso.
2. A baby straight up projectile vomited cheerios and formula today and I didn’t gag. I even played with the baby shortly thereafter. This means I am growing tremendously as a human being (and a potential mother) because I found out after my first month or so playing with Spanish babies that I don’t actually like much about infants…spit up smells, drool smells, vomit smells, poop smells… you get the drift. And then I gag. But not today!
3. I spoke so much Spanish at SFF today. Like, more than ever. And I can count the mistakes I made on one hand. And understanding is becoming so much easier. And they want me to bring a picture for the teacher bulletin board.
4.The new fray cd was released. (Really, it’s that good.)
5. It started snowing during Bible study.
6. Oh yeah, I went to Bible study.
7. I got my observation placement for Ed Psych and I am indeed at a high school. I’m not really too enthused about being at a high school (in Knightdale also…I’m not really sure where that is either) but I figure that it’s going to be a good experience. I’m excited to actually be legitimately observing a high school Spanish class. It’ll be good grammar review too 🙂
8. I was unofficially welcomed to the Costa Rica study abroad program! And also informed that I had the highest GPA of people that applied… which is sad. I need to write an essay and retrieve another letter of recommendation and then I will hopefully have at least $300 of scholarship money to help with something. I am so unbelievably excited. I really wish I had gone to Costa Rica first and then done a semester… I kind of have a feeling that 7 weeks are going to fly by. I have high expectations. And I can’t wait.

So the foto for today will be the new fray album cover for two reasons. 1, the cd is amazing. 2, that is a sick picture.
We’re studying Hosea and tonight we talked a little bit about God’s mercy… it is such a relief not being bound by sin and mistakes we make. Because I would be up the proverbial creek without a proverbial paddle if I were to answer to all the mistakes I’ve made in my life—in this semester alone. One of the girls brought up an illustration about a little boy who made a boat out of Popsicle sticks and lost it on a river. He then saw it in a store window some time later and was so excited to see it again and bought it from the store. She compared that to how God made us and then bought us with Jesus’ blood…. and it was way powerful. God made me and then was happy to buy me. What an idea.

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