Random fRiday (night) Rant

So today in one of my psychology classes my professor brought up personality tests, so I googled the Myers Briggs test that I took in high school and scored as an ENFP. Reading that thing is just freaky. I was talking to Marshall tonight and was reminded of a conversation we had ages ago in which we discovered that we scored as the same personality type. Random, huh? Out of all the people in the world, I’m dating a fellow ENFPer. If you have the opportunity to, I highly recommend taking that test…it’s plain weird. And also, cool. I totally felt better about having constantly changing interests after reading my description. It’s normal.

And also, that picture up there is one silly one from girl’s night last night. We went out to celebrate Emily’s 21 (Junior Year is full of 21st birthdays!) and had a blast at Foster’s college night. I am still exhausted from it, though. I decided to sit out part 2 tonight and get some sleep instead. Lots of homework on the horizon…we are definitely back in school.

I got my Costa Rica Application turned in and am just waiting for my advisor and faculty recommendation forms to come in. I gave them to them like 3 weeks before the deadline and I think they’re taking their time. Now I just need to apply for a loan once I get accepted to the program, make a copy of my passport and go to Costa Rica. I can handle that. And the Spanish daycare is totally improving my Spanish. Listening is proving to be more difficult than ever (quite frustrating), but it’s slowly getting easier to understand the ladies I work with. My favorite are the parents who studied Spanish in college that come in to see their kids. It’s precious. Especially their panicked looks when they don’t know what the teachers are saying. Thank you, people of Babel for building that tower. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have a job after I graduate.

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