No. No, no, no and no.

I have developed a problem with saying no. Perhaps it was because I was gone last fall and was trying to make up for lost Meredith College time by signing up to do all these things… either way, I have committed all my time, free or not. I find this to be a massive problem.

Nonetheless, Ring Dinner is tonight. I guess I would be more excited if I had actually not worn my ring all week…
I am excited though, it will be fun to get all dressed up with my friends and take millions of pictures, etc. etc. etc.

And the picture has nothing to do with this blog post. My friend drew this on my finger in class on Tuesday and I thought it was hilarious.

And my birthday is in 11 days. That totally happened without me realizing it. I was watching CNN while I was getting my nails done on Wednesday and they were like “13 days til the election” and I remember thinking “That’s so soon!” and then 5 minutes later realizing that my birthday is on election day…

I talked to my mom last night and I’m getting a massage for my birthday on November 8th. That just might be the best present ever. Here I come twenty-somethings…

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