Goodbye laundry hamper.

You served two Deaton college girls and lived a full wonderful life of lots and lots of dirty laundry.
Sorry I didn’t do laundry for like a month and killed you with the last load….

2 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. i make a regular habit of not doing laundry for a month. actually, the only reason i tend to do laundry is because i run out of underwear. and generally end up going commando for at least a day. and that after hand washing a couple of pairs.though, i must admit, my laundry basket is a little bursted at the seams, and will probably go the way of the yours at some point. next year, of course….for now, i have a tiny little washer in the apartment with the lady i live with, and kind of have to do laundry a little more often because i have less clothes.

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