Weekend Duty

My roomie is taking Karate for her PE…

..while I take pictures of myself. Okay, I’m taking yoga too…


I bought my Onyx! Yay!

White gold or Yellow gold? That is the question.

Yes. That is my school of education essay actually on the application. (I still haven’t figured out the focus thing yet..)

beautiful new jewelry/cigar box. Thanks Marshall. 🙂


I finally found a way to organize my ribbon. Yay leftover dowels.

Cute pictures hangers we made at our first hall social.

Meghan’s hanger. Kudos to Carolyn for tying beautiful bows.

Weekend duty.

Yeah, so weekend duty is fun. I get to be productive AND blog way overdue Junior Year pictures.
And I discovered I do like hot tea after all…but only if it is Chai and comes in awesome care packages from the Sanfords in Clearwater. Have I mentioned how much I miss my sister? That amount is large and impossible to express in written word form. Dan and Cassidy: move to North Carolina. Or else.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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