Catch Up

Not in any particular order.

I ordered my onyx. It will be mine October 20.
I had my first social as an RA and it was really fun. 11 peeps came. That is kind of close to half of my hall. Kind of.
I made Chorale and it is INTENSE. Quartets. Yikes.
These two weeks have been the busiest of my life.
I’m recording with Gary for his new EP. It’s also INTENSE. We’re hoping to knock out a song every time I go to the studio and we finished “Brand New Life” today and are aiming for Everything and Savior Friday and Wednesday/Friday of next week.
Tuesdays I have 4 Spanish classes and Thursdays I have 3 and I love them all.
I have two friends currently in Alicante, a sister-in-law heading to Barcelona Friday and another NCSU friend going to Madrid next week. Holy cow. I am so unbelievably jealous. Study abroad part 2 Summer 2009 fo’ stinkin’ sho.
DSLR life is amazing. I’ve been historianing up a storm, taking pictures of everything.
I get to photograph all the Meredith rings in the archives. Joy.
Marshall and I have the same zip code. Happiness ensues.
I wrote a poem in Spanish tonight for homework. I’m not sure what the prompt was, but I wrote one. I shall see I suppose.
We’re selling Kermit. I’ll miss him (her?), but I’m looking forward to air conditioning, power windows, carpet, seatbelts, airbags and creepy guys not following me. So hopefully sometime this semester I’ll post excitedly about a new car.

Come in closer, come in closer.

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