Today is Sunday

…and I move in at Meredith on Friday for another school year.
So I’m pretty sure this is a reoccuring theme in this blog of mine…but this intense fast speed of life just keeps getting faster.

Anywho, I have a redunkulous list of things to do before Friday at 8am comes (yet, still time for blogging) and so I thought I’d update my progress. So here’s what I’m working with: Three weeks at Meredith with FuHsing, three days at the beach, five days in Tampa…all still packed in my room. Not to mention I packed in a frenzy for FuHsing so my room was a complete disaster. Which I left. And it was still waiting for me when I got home from Tampa yesterday.
Objective: Have myself packed and all the to-do lists (there’s 4 of them in my iPod) completed by Thursday night at 10pm.

Yeah. That’s my room. Where’s the floor? Nobody knows.

Creeping into the hallway…

On another note today is Mary’s 20th Birthday! She and the family went out to eat at Carrabbas and it was a splendid time. I am so lucky to have them as friends AND family. Thanks for getting married Cassidy and Dan 🙂

And I might have pre-ordered one of these with my grown-up credit card…..

I mean, I did. And it’s released tomorrow and hopefully coming to my house…

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