Flyer Making Fiend

This rainy vacation has been a great opportunity to get ahead on my RA planning. I planned all the socials for the first semester (this is complete speculation…it really depends on what the girls on my floor like to do) and I started working on flyers with the Pages program on my mac. That program is so fun..the templates are pretty lame though so most of the ones I have I just made up…I’ll be a pro in no time. Here’s some screenshots of the ones I’ve made so far. Supa fun.

As for the rain…it’s not really going away. It was yucky and cloudy all morning and didn’t start really raining today until early this afternoon. Cassidy and I went down and rented a bike and rode all over Tampa…my legs are killing me! We haven’t google mapped it yet but she said we probably biked 8 miles…insane. It was so much fun though–I’m currently craig’s listing now looking for a bike of my own. Riding bikes is so fun it doesn’t even feel like exercise 🙂 We rode all the way to the beach and saw some frightening clouds so we rode back to where she had parked the car. The moment she walked inside to return the bike we rented it started raining…perfect timing.

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