Rainy day in TPA

So basically I’m in Tampa and so is all the rain. We had planned to go to the beach but due to monsoon-like weather we went to the craft store and Publix instead and Cassidy and I have been cooking and crafting all day. I got all these super cute crafty paper things on sale and lots of ideas for door decs and some fun stickers 🙂 Yay. I’m hoping the rain will go away because a. my pasty skin misses el sol and b. I want to go to the Busch Gardens Water Park. This is going to be a fun couple of days. I am so thankful for the last week…this is a much needed vacation. I met one of my Special Olympic kids at the mall for lunch Monday and I ran into one of my supervisors from a few years ago and he asked me where I was working this summer and I was like “nowhere” and it felt awesome to say that. Being unemployed, even if it is for less than a month, is kind of great…

We’re crafting up a storm and cooking lots of yummy goodness (well Cassidy is…I’m updating my blog. Like so.) and I am attempting to get a cute picture of their cat Ethel. Most of them…okay all of them… are just a black blur, as seen below. She moves so fast. I think she likes me though. I was sitting at the computer earlier printing something for Cassidy and she sat in my lap for like five whole minutes. Champ. It could be because I’m wearing Cassidy’s old pants and she thinks I’m her… who knows.

Moral of the story: Dan and Cassidy’s house is a really fun place. Vacation is fun. Crafts are fun. Cooking is fun. Work is not.

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